Rainbow Web 3 Free PC Game

Rainbow Web 3 Free PC Game 

Rainbow net three
The fervent stories concerning your nice victories, once the wicked Spider was defeated and came to his gloomy cave, ultimately ceased and you came back to your kingdom. Twenty years passed since you've got seen your ally John White from the Rainbow Kingdom late. Years passed, however you did not amendment in the least, no gray hair is found in your thick truthful hair. The magicians ar immortal, so do you. Of course, they grew older, however 5 hundred years ought to pass before a twenty - year recent magician can flip thirty. however it is a lyrical digression. currently you're to get on the warpath once more - the dodgy Spider attacked the Rainbow Kingdom! transfer the sport Rainbow net three and save the inhabitants from captivity! place magic books into your road bag and continue way and long journey! The Masters' city looked as if folks left it earlier - the laces of net were all over and every one the homes were empty and destroyed. The masters ar jailed by the eerie Spider and your aim is to avoid wasting them! build chains of many beds of a similar color and unharness magic letters from the online, you will need them to form a spell of black power which will kill the Spider. At every level within the game Rainbow net three you'll charge your mighty hammer with a little of rainbow dirt - once your hammer is prepared, it will smash any bead, permitting you to spell the words you wish a lot of quickly! Between levels, you'll be able to use your magic dirt to unharness cursed objects and restore the town! Play the attractive game Rainbow net three, build the spells and drive the Spider out of its' den!



Captivating story
Pop-up facilitate and hints
Nice audio recording
Absolutely FREE
System necessities

Windows /XP/Vista/7
Processor one gigahertz or higher
512 Mb RAM
DirectX 7.0

Rainbow Web 3 Free PC Game 

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