Dowload Youtube No Sofware

is for those who have not been able to download youtube I would love to know how
without using IDM or software

because yesterday at 11 pm got a call the same friend ..
I ask you please bro ..
I do not want to be seen hanging gaptek or less with a girl I,,
because I was told to download the music video ..
I do not know how to download it on youtube ...
12 o'clock at night I picked up at home and drove kewarnet,,
because if home splurging quota
and the speed is also fast enough
really lazy when I have to wait a long time
to the points only

open this link : in here
will appear

 after emerging like this 
then open youtube
look for what you want to download
and copy the url like the one in the picture

after you copy and paste the url into the
that you have prepared earlier ..
as shown below

after that press article download

it would appear

just select themselves in the form of files that you like
may be useful

Dowload Youtube No Sofware

if you do not understand how to download wear.
please follow the guidelines below:
Download File in With Easy gamesoftfull
File Download in With Easy:
1. Click the link to dowload
2. After that we will be brought to the site ""
3. Wait 5 Seconds
4. Tombom then click on "Skip" or "Skip Ad"
5. completed
or visit the link below

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