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NOAH band for the first time to pour their career journey in a semi-documentary film entitled " NOAH : Beginning " .As already known to the public , NOAH in this band called Peterpan grub consisting of Ariel ( vocals ) , Lukman ( guitar ) , Uki ( guitar ) , Reza ( drums ) , Andika (keyboards ) , and Indra ( bass ) .This film tells how they live their lives together until finally the conflict engulfing Peterpan band .Andika and Indra finally resigned from the group Peterpan and some time later , the remaining four members changed the name to NOAH and interesting to fill the keyboardist David . Ariel also had tripped over a legal case that led to the band stopped performing for some time .

Putrama Tuta , the film director , said " Early NOAH Originally Film " is a story of struggle " second chance " .

media conference held last June , he said the film is not told about the story behind the scenes, concerts NOAH , but how each personnel , until the crew NOAH undergoing difficult times and take advantage of their second chance ." I saw them ( personnel NOAH ) every day trying to fall in love with music , " said Putrama at that time .film starFor personnel NOAH is their first film . Unless , vocalist Nazril Irham full name that has appeared in " The Dreamer " .Ariel admitted he does not need to be acting in the movie this time . " The most delicious , not to be acting . Be yourself , " said Ariel .Lukman also assess his first filmmaking is not as heavy as he had imagined . He was not even aware event chat at Losari 2 am is part of the shooting . David praised the director who made ​​a film making it run naturally .In fact , he did not know at the time his band are in the process of making the film . "When the shooting ? Turns out already , " the story of David , at the launch of " Film NOAH Originally Beginning " on Monday ( 11/11 ) .Putrama hope this film can give inspiration to the audience , not only for the Friends of NOAH , but also the general audience ." Hopefully , whatever happens , the hard work of this maximum can be useful for many people , " said Ariel .

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