Green Power Premium v.9.10.2

Green Power Premium v.9.10.2 Free download
    GreenPower Premium v.9.10.2 - Free Download : Unlike other battery savers that require action such as JuiceDefender manual , easy battery saver GreenPower is fully automatic : Once configured , running buddy and save battery by itself . It does so by intelligently managing WiFi , Mobile Data , Bluetooth and Brightness Display : Turning their non- active when my friend does not need them , but ensure minimum disturbance : Automatic turned ON when needed by a friend or with another application ( eg check mail ) . Easier , cleaner and faster than competitors such as JuiceDefender , 2x battery saver and easy battery saver !

Green Power Premium v.9.10.2 Free download battery saver : 1.5 million downloads and 2 years of experience in Android Battery Saving !

highligts Green Power Premium v.9.10.2 free :
  • Add up to 100 % battery depending on usage
  • automatically manage Wi -Fi , Mobile Data ( 2G , 3G , 4G ) , Bluetooth , GPS , screen  brightness
  • works with virtually any battery saving devices and operators
  • It supports all versions of Android from Froyo to Jelly Bean
  • Easy yet powerful amplifier and battery saver
  1. The battery indicator in the notification area .
  2. Wifi Management : Based on schedule , screen state , location , electricity connected , signal level
  3. Mobile Data Management : Based on schedule , screen state , power connected BLUETOOTH management
  4. Traffic check : Configurable to prevent disturbing other apps
  5. Applications Whitelist and Blacklist : To save data when using certain applications ( such as streaming music )
  6. Night / sleep mode fully configurable , Airplane mode .
  7. Tasker & Locale Plug -in
  8. Compatible with Cerberus 2.0
  9. Very lightweight and fast app
  10. Fully configurable settings
  11. Settings backup / restore
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