Troubleshooting install VGA driver in Windows 8

 Troubleshooting install VGA driver in Windows 8

Friends would have tried Windows 8, Windows 8 does have a lot of extra ffitur with a dazzling display, but hard to find such driver vga driver for diver wifi as well as existing sound in Windows 8 notebooks and netbooks just that there is not a built-in driver vga would be very hard to find on the internet vga driver.

windows 8 driver vga

Many who want to use the vga drivers for windows 8 but not available or hard to get the internet, for that alone mamfaatkan vga driver xp or windows 7 vga driver to install in windows 8.Demikian did the opposite in xp and windows 7.

Well, this time I want to share a simple trick I've ever used to overcome vga driver only supports Windows XP and Windows 7 do a short tutorial below:

1.Netframework first emerge 3.5 and 4 in here  or in here

2.Once done then mate just search vga driver windows 7 or xp to labtop pal.

3.Then, install the driver vga windows 7 or windows xp in windows 8, is not easy.

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