themes facebook (facebook style gallery)

hy friend gamesoftfull,,
This time I will share about the themes facebook (facebook style gallery)
often we open facebook with a view look just like that-that's it ..
then I will share tips and tricks here for the atmosphere facebook can grow quickly if in acces and different from the others ..
what is facebook style gallery?
facebook style gallery is exstensi applications that can be run using the google chrome, which is useful to make a facebook become more colorful and different from the others,,
The present application provides a gallery theme allows you to access facebook for faster, easier and available diacces theme or style to change the layout on your facebook ..
teme include:
  • hello kitty
  • assasin creed
  • manchester united
  • transformers
  • the simpsons
  • and many more
to run the application is very easy to follow procedures or guide me which I will discuss one by one and examples hehehe ..
1. go to google and crhome you open all your facebook ..

2 . Click the link next to this style facebook Facebook Themes (Facebook Style Gallery)

3. wait a second click add and press launch smpai installed APP

if any problem please leave a comment, .. use the words good and polite .. God willing I will fix it as soon as possible .. admin

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