How to Easily Removing Viruses In flashdisk

Cara Menghapus Virus Shortcut Pada FlashDisk Dengan Mudah

How To Delete Shortcut Viruses In Pendrive Easily - Hi my friends all, this time mimie will share the little knowledge that might help friends mimie everything. From the title above, you must already know what science will mimie Software distributed. Okay let's companions on Listen Simply the importance of science. 

The trick is:
  1. Search FD infected virus.
  2. Then Plug the computer to flash buddy.
  3. After Fashdisk readable by the computer do not open first flashdisk.
  4. please Klik Start >> All Program >> Accesories >> Command Prompt. 
  5. Type ( attrib -h -r -s /s /d f:\*.* ) without the Brackets, klick Enter. ( Replace the letter F where the flash drivers are)
  6. Wait for it to finish.
  7. Eits,has not been completed. Before the Command prompt closed first delete the existing shortcuts in the flash permanently by pressing Ctrl + Delete.
  8. finished already friends ..
-h: command-clicking unhide all existing files on drive F.
-r: command to create files on drive F is no longer read-only.
-s: command to release the files on drive F of the system to be easily removed.
f: drive flash buddy. Replace the drive that is used by the PC to flash the plug mate.
*. *: All files that have the extension

Now stick Buddies mimie Shortcut virus. because the virus had been killed earlier by the above.

That's all and thank you,
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