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Download Gratis Game Angry Bird Star Wars Terbaru 2013 Rovio was the invention of computer games is draw star wars . In this star wars tie Red Bird ( Mood Breaker ) have particular ability that is split in 2 to 3 Es , stone , or wood with laser swords are using currently in use red bird almost touching the target . Unlike the first series drew angry birds Red Bird does not have any special ability .

In this series Yellow Bird ( maching Bird) have different capabilities with the first draw . If the first draw Yellow Bird can glide very quickly when we set the target and penetrate several layers of wood that prevents the target like a pig hiding in some back stick , but the yellow bird is very weak against rock and ice .

Well in Yellow bird draw star wars no longer glide fast moving target that we set in this series has 3 yellow bird Laser bullet that will penetrate the wood and ice and directly kill targets hiding . For other bird angry character will have the same special ability , but my friends who have not know what special abilities that other characters I love and know.

Blue Bird ( Glass Jaw ) character if we submit ourselves to split into 3 before the strike target , Blue bird just hard to cut through the ice to penetrate Stone and Wood Blue Bird is very weak . Black Bird character, ability mempunya meledakan yourself when strike the target, the explosion of Black Bird may be done either Automatic or Manual if you want to manually Bird Black left click to explode. Black Bird very strong can destroy anything the target .

White Bird Black Bird is almost like anything that can blow up , blow up the target bird White difference by dropping eggs . Green Bird character is so cool he can be back when we click , Green Boomerang Bird as suitable for combat target is right in the sight of the monitor may be difficult tuk reach. The Big Red Bird is the perfect character to demolish the pigs are hiding buildings and paved the way for us easier anxious to kill the pigs.

Angry Bird Star Wars Minimum System Requirements :
OS: Windows XP SP2/Vista/7
Memory: 512 MB
Hardisk Space: 500 MB
Graphics: GeForce 6200, Radeon Xpress 1200 Series
Internet connection required for activation and updates

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