Tutorial How to Install BBM (Blackberry) Emulator For PC Use

This time I will discuss about Tutorial How to Install BBM (Blackberry) For PC and How to get his BB Pin Complete
 whether the PC can enliven the world of fuel? Of course 100% can mate, fairly simple way only with the help of the Android emulator. For my friend who used to use SSH to surf faster, can also use this application without having to use the proxy settings of all kinds.

This is an example screenshot that I get BBM PIN using a PC.

Here Tutorial How to Install BBM (Blackberry) Emulator For PC Use:
A. Install the Java SE Development Kit 7
1. Open and download the first master in here

2. Install as usual until completion
B. Download Android Emulator
1. Open here http://adf.ly/iu0BS
2. Click the Download the SDK

3. Choose a 32bit or 64bit version, matching the OS companions.

4. Extract the downloaded file to any drive, and please let guns too long directory name changed at will.

5. Go to the folder eclipse and execute eclipse.exe

6. Wait a moment until the dialog box below and select the working directory (which would free aja) and press OK.

7. After that will appear as shown below.

8. Select the Window menu - Android Virtual Device Manager

9. Press the New ... button and make a new Android Virtual Device with the name and parameters as shown in the figure below, then press the OK button (Note: AVD Name be another name)

10. The result will look like below

11. Press the Start button and proceed ... Click the Launch button to run the AVD

12. Wait a moment ...

13. After some time will show the Android emulator (AVD) as shown below.

14. Done ...
Now my friend already has HP android in PC / Laptop pal: D
15. Its use is the same as the HP android, just tounchscreennya not wear hand but use the mouse cursor buddy: D

C. Install fuel
1. Directly open a browser or downloaded already understand at Play Store could open the program in HP's buddy: D

2. type in the url field: http://www.nonosoft.jifisa.net/bbm or may http://goo.gl/8zbvao if an extension. So the emulator will automatically download the file BBM_1.0.0.70.apk mlakukan (BBM for Android)

3. Once the download is complete click 2 times the file to install 4plikasi BBM for Android.

4. Press the Next button repeatedly until get the following display.

5. Press the Install button and wait until the application is finished installed.

6. Thank God if it has reached this stage, then the friend managed to install the BBM for Android app on PC mate.
7. Wrote his open direct fuel buddy, click Open.

D. Getting BBM PIN 

1. To get BBM PIN we first open the BBM for Android app.

2. After the display appears as below click Create a BlackBerry ID

3. Complete data content buddy, remember the email must be correct and still active because after registering my friend had to do a confirmation email to activate your account s0bat fuel. Then tick the last 2 boxes and then click Create.

4. Done ... already have a PIN BBM buddy now :) Click Continue to proceed. Then click Skip if my friend was not about to share BBM PIN pal in social media available and Finally click Continue to fuel to enter the fuel page mate.

5. Open the Blackberry email sent to my friend and then click confirm your email address. Remember, my friend given only for 72 hours (3 days) to confirm. If no PIN has been my friend for fuel will be removed 0leh his blackberry party.

6. Thank God .. If you have reached this last stage, means that my friend was getting BBM PIN without spending money to buy BB or ANDROID. Henceforth I have no need to explain again how to operate the fuel, because the steps are pretty easy. Please invite family, relatives and friends buddy.
7. So first and Hopefully Helpful :) Or you can also Cra Using the steps above if you can not, I find an article in namikazestar.blogspot.com First Step

1. List of Accounts in Genymotion
The initial step is the need to have an account genymotion, and the following Accounts How to Apply In Genymotion.

Go to page Genymotion..Up Next on the left column http://adf.ly/iu25n
click (sign-up), Fill in the registration process in order to self-pal

 When finished, click the Sign Up again Lives confirmation via the email address listed above and pal account ready for use

2. List of Accounts in Blackberry ID
After registering at genymotion buddy, pal also must create an account on the Blackberry ID, and this is how you create a new account Blackberry ID. Open enrollment BlackberryID
address here: https://blackberryid.blackberry.com/bbid/registration/registration_eula.seam
Then input the complete buddy, because this is the data that will be used to access the BBM

 After complete filling mate, then click Submit Further confirmation of registration via e-mail pal fill this

3. Source Download Android from Genymotion
okay, all registrations are finished, now we start installing the software (software) that is useful to run the android emulator, Here's a list of software that must mate download:
 Virtualbox Terbaru
Genymotion 1.3.0
Once the software is downloaded, all of the above then we can move to the next step, namely Install Virtualbox as usual (and yes next live alone) Then, too Genymotion Install After installing both programs, Open Genymotion applications that have been installed earlier will appear sheet to create devices new (because my friend has not made a single). Just Click Yes

 Well, the login page appears. Fill Genymotion pal account data (on the main first step) Click Connect after filling the log data

 After that, select the device that we will make the emulator. In this step I chose device Nexus S 4.2.2 - With Google Apps (adjust the specifications state computer / laptop buddy, because this could affect the performance of the emulator)

After selecting, click Add device will display the full information, click Next

 Then click the Create

Wait for the download, At this step would be to download the source buddy android devices that will be used. This process will take some time depending on the internet connection friend have

If the download is successful it will display the "Virtual Device Created Successfully" click Finish

Please close the program genymotion

4. Run Virtualbox
After the virtual android is made, then the friend must proceed step for setting up a sharing folder and then run through the following way Open virtualbox virtualbox programs that have been installed earlier then my friend, my friend will see a list of devices from the virtual machine. Choose a buddy who had been downloaded through genymotion, and click the Settings (gear icon)

 Then click Shared Folders, then click the Add (a folder icon with a plus sign)

In the "Folder Path" change it to Other, then find the folder that contains the file that was downloaded earlier BBM1. Do not forget to check the "Auto-mount", click OK then click OK OK only

Then, back again to the device list in virtualbox emulator. Select the longer of the device and then click Start (icon-way)

Wait a minute, then the display will appear android

After that my friend will be brought to the initial setting android, Fill in the data requested

Once the complete data then click Finish and Tarra Android Virtual staying ready to install fuel

5. Install the fuel in the Android Virtual Machine
If my friend had made ​​it to this stage, means that my friend already has one android (virtual of course) and it can be used like a native android, can install the free chat app (whatsapp, WeChat, KakaoTalk, line etc.) can install the game at will. But as the title of this article then NKS only discuss How To Install BBM on Android alone. Here are the steps in the start menu to Android

Open the app Astro After the initial menu will appear the Astro program, Click File Manager (when you open the astro no warning then just click yes / next)

 Then, locate the folder that you'd share (in the previous stage) click Up 3x. Since I had shared folder then I open the fuel apk in astro file manager "/ mnt / shared / BBM_apk"

 If the location is correct, then the file will appear in fuel Open the fuel Then click Install

 Note: If my friend had not tick unknown sources on the android settings menu, it will display a warning. Just click settings then tick Unknown Devices section

If my friend had menceklis that section it will run normally, so just click Next >> Next >> Install

After the install is complete, click Open

This will bring up the initial display of fuel, fill in the email addresses that have been registered in BlackberryID previous buddy. click Next

 "We're Holding Your Spot In Line" means my friend had to wait in line, so at this stage should be extra patient, for a suggestion: continue this step on the next day. If you are sure buddy in the forefront then click the "I Got The Email"

 After a long queue, then the friend will go view the first "Congratulations!" click Next

It was following that the clique Sign In

Put the data (the email and password) that already the friend registered in BlackberryID. then the clique Sign In

Put the data himself the friend. Then clicked Submit

Be finished, Then will emerge appearance information of the friend's FUEL OIL along with PIN him

  Therefore, the friend's FUEL OIL has really been ready with and the friend could utilise this FUEL OIL at any time. So more eksis deh didunia chatting, don't forget Invite my PIN: 74E28CB9

So many tutorials about Android this time, it is hoped was useful and was safe tried.
 several possibilities could happened If BBM Close personally,
The application BBM.apk still was gotten by Bug (the solution: the substitute file apk other or downloaded direct in playstore)
RAM virtual too small (the solution: more the RAM value virtual to half of RAM original)
Virtualisasi Disabled (the solution: for the supportive processor fitur virtualizationsebaik him activated fitur this through Bios)
Or If not Want Busy please the Clique DISINI
if any problem please leave a comment, .. use the words good and polite .. God willing I will fix it as soon as possible .. admin

if any problem please leave a comment, .. use the words good and polite .. God willing I will fix it as soon as possible .. admin

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