Alien Skin Snap Art Revision

Alien Skin Snap Art Revision 24190 Plugin for Adobe Photoshop - Free Download : Snap Art turns a photo into a work of art mate beautiful that looks completely handmade . Improved realism in version 3 makes the subject natural and recognizable buddy . The result is a finished piece worthy of printing on canvas and hanging in a gallery .

NEW ! increase in Realism
Version 3 uses more refined stroke placement to keep edges sharp and reproduce natural texture . This keeps the subject natural and recognizable . If my friend using Snap Art earlier version then the friend will see dramatically clearer results , especially on portraits .

NEW ! Mask details
Instead of oval focus regions , Snap Art 3 now has a detail mask . It's possible you quickly mark exactly where my friend wanted more detail . This is great for leaving backgrounds abstract while faces are detailed and natural .

Various Media and Styles
Snap Art can draw with a wide range of physical media , such as oil paint , watercolor , pencil , and others . Buddy can choose from a large number of styles like impasto , pointillism , or modern art techniques like comics and Stylize .

NEW ! Presets crayons and Repair
We added some crayon presets for that messy colorful look . All the presets for existing media types were remade and reorganized to be easier to use .

NEW ! The complexity is hidden
Now there are presets that control groups of related sliders . It's possible you quickly experiment with one aspect of the art , such as color scheme , without having to manipulating four different sliders . We also hid the more esoteric sliders by default so that my friend can focus only on the most important controls .

Non-Destructive Editing
Snap Art supports a non - destructive workflow , making experimentation easy . Effects in Photoshop are given on a new layer , leaving the original image untouched pal . In Photoshop , Snap Art can be run as a Smart Filter for easy tweaking of the effect after it is created .

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