Sudden Strike 2

Continuing version free pc games ago, the Sudden Strike Crimea. The first task in Sudden Strike 2 is an expansion to seize territory in the island east. Forget defend your territory, because now is the time to take over the central region which is surrounded by rural residents enemy. A stern warning to not devastated buildings, doing the basic course that is striking at the enemy.

The aircraft carrier is scheduled landing squad of soldiers later in the air landing south. While you will then move towards the east of the island using soldiers parachuting. Stop for a moment when the English army rained bombs, just after subsided you start guerillas. These events allow the destruction of the majority of transportation you have.

Entering the village, you have a chance to get artillery and 6 tanks ready for combat. Japanese army friend you are ready to take over all the equipment there. Avoid excessive first shootout, while the team is an important safety, especially the safety of the pilots. Gradually mastered this territory and seized machine guns belonging to the opponent. Such was the little picture at the beginning of the level, you please yourself struggling to win the World War 2.

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