Super Tux Kart

Super Tux Kart is a fun racing game for each one of you who likes racing games. Unlike the Under Ground games are so big in size, Super Tux Kart only has a relatively small size and its gameplay is very simple. Obliged to try for you who admit the game lovers, especially racing games. 

Categories of racing games is quite the most popular games, but the battle mode in this game is also on offer. If you bored with racing games mediocre, you can try this one. You can shoot and bomb your enemy cars. Hihi. 

In Game Super Tux Kart, available more than 20 different tracks. It will make the game much more varies, looks fresh and attractive for the long term. 

In addition to the Grand Prix Standard, Super Tux Kart Time Trials also provide, Follow the Leader, Single Race and 3rd Strike Battle Mode. If you want to know one by one, just play gameya, though more exciting. If I divulge, do so kagak fun again. 

Icon and character of a penguin Tux is small, he will greet friendly. He also will represent you when playing racing later. If you look at a glance, this character is similar to the UNIX operating system mascot Family. Try to note the moment? Similar kagak? 

Oh forgetfulness one another, in this game, there is his bonus, no gift box that you can get in the way of racing you. Where in each mystery box you will get some sort of extraordinary bonuses, what bonuses? That could shoot / bomb the enemy car from the front, there is also sometimes from behind. Success Super Tux.

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