Ultimate PESEdit 2013 V2 – World Cup Version

How To Install:

  1. Extract Ultimate PESEdit 2013 V2.rar and PESEdit 2013 Ultimate Update V2.rar with WinRAR.
  2. Delete all the files in the folders you PES 2013, except img folder.
  3. Run Installer.exe in the folder PESEdit 2013 Ultimate V2.
  4. When asked to choose a folder for the installation, select where you installed PES 2013.
  5. If completed, run Fix.exe in the folder Update V2 Ultimate PESEdit 2013.
  6. When asked to choose a folder for the installation, select: ...
       \ Documents \ KONAMI \ Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 \ save \
  7. Copy all files in the folder Data Pack 6:00, to the following folder:
      C: \ ProgramData \ KONAMI \ Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 \ download \
  8.  Done :)


   #. When appear Not Responding when playing in the Konami Cup, copy the files in the folder map.txt Fix         Konami Cup, then paste it in: ... \ Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 \ kitserver13 \ GDB \ balls \
   #. In order for a player transfers more updates, please install Latest Transfer Update PES 2013 via the               following link

download ultimate PESEdit 2013 v2 - wold cup version

if any problem please leave a comment, .. use the words good and polite .. God willing I will fix it as soon as possible .. admin

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