Download Harvest Moon BTN PS1 Emulator Without directly playable

Actually I've shared this game but still use Emulator, because there is my friend who requests Games without Emulator so on this occasion I share this game again but not use the emulator aka Jump played 
still there who do not know what this game: D? haha ?? 
Excess Games without Emulator is VGA From our computers are not easily damaged due to the same game without emulator as portable game. 
   Game Harvest Moon BTN is a game where my friend will be a gardening job at the same breeder as well besides every bluff also vestival - vestival are cool to follow, such as swimming vestival, vestival throwing tomatoes, horse racing, dog racing, and more others, besides my friend obliged to care for the garden and raising my friend also required to be familiar with each other between the one with the other, by giving stuff he likes, and in return will be given a buddy recipes from the people, my friend can also get married with one of the main teenagers in the city and will get 1 child,

font-family: Gisha, Verdana
font-family: Gisha, Verdana

Download [ File Size 38 Mb ]Via 
font-family: Gisha, Verdana
Notes :
font-family: Gisha, Verdana;">Save the game at the local C mmc1.mrc file name (for memory slot 1) mmc2.mrc (for 2 memory slots) for setting controllnya settings in the file ---> Configuration -> controller 

Gisha, Verdana;">If there is a problem, please ask,,,,  hehehehe

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