Combining separate game files into one file is full we can do by using HJ Split 3.0 software. Separate game file / cut into several parts / sections will not be executed before the file into one. One of the tools commonly used to combine part-part game is Hj Split. In addition to the game files, can also Hj Split to combine files such as video files or application programs. Hj Split also able to split / cut large files. Usually the purpose of solving the so files can be easily uploaded to a server or a container for files on the internet.

How to combine separate game file is also very easy to do. Before the merger process we must first install the software Hj Split. If you do not yet have the software please download first IN HERE (via 4shared). This software is just light enough size not more than 200 kb. And the following tips on how to incorporate a separate game file / cut into pieces.


1 First, enter some parts of the game files into a single folder. As an example I will combine iso game file that has been split into 6 parts.

Description: The file is a separate game file that ends with the numbers 001, 002, 003, 004, 005, and 006. Create a new folder and put all the parts before it (red box).

2 Hj Split Open and run, then click the JOIN as in the image below:

3 Furthermore, there will be two options, namely FILE INPUT and OUTPUT FILE. Click INPUT FILE, and locate the file that has been truncated games into one folder earlier. Leave the default for output, then the result of the merger will be close to separate files.

4 Use only 001 Files ending in the input file, because if there are 6 files with the same name and serial number in one folder / directory, it will be detected automatically. Then click OPEN.

5. After that click START and wait until the process is complete.

6 If there JOINING COMPLETE message, it indicates that the merger has been a success. Immediately look at the OUTPUT, to see the game files that have been incorporated.

Here's the screenshot:

Pictured above (red box) indicates that the file has been incorporated into the game iso file intact. Because these files for Play Station games. The game files can then be played using PS1 Emulator.

So how to combine files with Hj Split separate games 3.0. The steps above can also be applied to combine the Play Station 2 iso files, video files and other files. May be useful :).

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