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KONAMI as developer aka Pro Evolution Soccer series PES has announced it will soon release the latest series of PES 2016 Pro Evolution Soccer / PES 2016. PES series is already very famous among lovers of ball games. Some games are released KONAMI PES has been known for his success, for example, just PES 6 and PES 2013.

PES 2016

On PES 2016, Konami will use the tagline "Love The Past, Play The Future", the release of PES 2016 will also coincide with the celebration of 20 Years of Pro Evolution Soccer series. In the version of PES 2016, Konami will also focus on the latest features and gameplay that will hopefully improve the quality of play PES 2016.

PES 2016 will tie up one of the world soccer star Neymar Jr as Brand Ambassador PES 2016. This has been confirmed in the latest cover of PES 2016 raises Brazil Neymar Jr costumes. Not only that, PES 2016 will also focus on the addition of team and player licenses. In terms of licensing team and the players, it is still inferior to PES 2016 FIFA game made by EA Sports. Brazilian league will also be a priority in PES 2016 license.

Neymar PES 2016

PES 2016 will be released on September 15, 2015 to serial console (PS3, PS4, XBOX360 & XBOXONE) and also PC. Some countries will also be able to sample PES 2016 on 17 & 18 September 2016. For the specifications of PC PES 2016 does not seem to be much different from the PES 2015.

For you who are curious as to what the look of PES 2016, please refer to the PES 2016 gameplay video below. What do you think ? whether PES 2016 will follow the success of PES 2013, or even to fail as PES 2014?

PES 2016 Trailer

PES 2016 Gameplay

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